Custom Engagement & Wedding Rings

Looking for an engagement ring can be a very overwhelming process. I am here, to help you through this process and to remind you that it is a fun, and very exciting time! 
Together, we can look at all the different options, work out what exactly it is that you're after for your partner, and find something that works for you within your chosen budget. 
Here are some main things to start considering:
The most common gemstone used in engagement rings would have to be Diamonds. They are traditional, timeless and beautiful. Not only are they beautiful, they are also very hard. If you check out my Gemstones page you can see the 'hardness' scale of Diamonds, compared with other gems, they are by far the hardest of them all. Hardness refers to scratching on the surface of the stone, Diamonds will not scratch over time. If you hit them hard enough, on the right angle, they can definitely brake/fracture/chip, but they will not become worn over time.
If you're a little more unique and Diamonds are not for you, there are so many other options we can go through. Being a Gemmologist, I can definitely suggest all sorts of beautiful and suitable gemstones, along with educating you about the pros and cons of each. Again, if you check out my Gemstones page, you can see some other options out there along with all their hardnesses and the colours you can find them in.
Once you have decided on a gemstone, we can chat about what sort of shape you would like. Round, Oval, Pear, Marquise, Princess, Cushion, Radiant - just to name a few. Round is the most common and classic, whereas the others are all fancy and unique shapes for engagement rings. It totally depends on what sort of style ring you're after, but sometimes shapes are limited when finding unique coloured gemstones so this is definitely something we can chat about when we start sourcing a gemstone that is perfect for you.
There are a few different options to choose from when picking a metal. The most common metals are either White Gold or Platinum. They are very similar in colouring, White Gold is usually Rhodium Plated to give it an extra bright finish (as raw White Gold is more of a grey metal) whereas Platinum does not need to be plated, is generally harder wearing but is usually a bit more expensive again. 
You can also choose between Yellow or Rose Gold which seem to be a little more unique. You may notice that your partner already wears one type of metal which may give you an idea of what they would prefer.
As soon as you start comparing or asking around about budgets, this can make it very hard and overwhelming. At the end of the day, it is completely personal and nobody will know how much you have spent other than me and you if thats the way you want to keep it. It does not matter, as long as you can afford it, are comfortable with it and proud of it. 
We can work something out with any budget. If you want to invest a lot of money into a piece that will be in future generations to come, that sounds perfect. If you would like to create something smaller that is more of a symbol than an investment, that also sounds perfect.
It is a completely personal experience and I am excited and keen to help either way.
It is ideal to have a minimum and maximum budget of what you would like to spend, that way we can get together a couple of different choices and you can decide between them what you're after and what your money will get you.
When somebody approaches me about getting an engagement ring made, I like to remind them that I am not a generic jewellery store and that we can customise this ring. Think of what means something to you and your partner. Think outside the box a little. Is there a special number that means something? What is your anniversary date? How long have you been together?
For example, perhaps if you have been together four years, you might consider having two gemstones either side of the main gemstone, four to resemble the years you have already spent together, and one big one in the middle to resemble your future. 
We can also have the inside of the ring engraved with something special if you like. 
There are so many different ways to make your ring really unique so if you need some more inspiration let me know, but lets make it something that you cannot buy elsewhere, cannot replicate and only the people you have explained the meaning to understand it.