One of the best parts about being able to hand forge custom made jewellery, is that I have the freedom of being able to offer unique custom services. If you have an idea about something you would like to have made, please feel free to get in contact with me.

Here are some of the services I offer:

  • Unique custom made jewellery
  • Remodelling of existing rings
  • Resizing
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Pearl restringing
  • Repairs & restoration



If you're an online sort of person, please feel free to send me through your ideas with any pictures of what you're thinking and we can chat back and fourth from there. If you prefer to meet up in person, I also offer private consultations.




If you have already been following my work, you would know that I absolutely love Opals. I only use Australian Opals, but I have Opals from all over Australia. If you would like your very own handmade Opal ring, necklace or a pair of earrings just get in touch with me. I have an amazing collection of solid Australian Opals, so if you are after a specific shape or colouring, let me know and I will see what I can source for you. 



If this is your first time looking into buying an engagement ring or getting one custom made, it can be quite daunting. Lets have a chat and I can tell you all the reasons why it is a fun and exciting process! There are so many options that can make it a little overwhelming but it doesn't take long to start figuring out what you don't want. From there, by process of elimination, together we can design the perfect ring.

Whether your other half has seen some different pictures of rings they like, or if you're wanting to design something completely unusual or unique, we can definitely work something out. I can also cater for all sorts of budgets and we can compare what you will get for all sorts of different price brackets. 

Feel free to have a read of my engagement page to get some ideas flowing but if its all too much, just get in touch with me and we can take it step by step together. 



If you already have a beautiful or unique engagement ring and are struggling to find something to match or compliment it, perhaps the option of a custom made ring is on the cards. When you are unique and different as a person, that sometimes makes finding a wedding ring difficult, as so many pieces of jewellery out there are mainstream. If you're the kind of person who is unique and doesn't quite blend in perfectly to what is expected, join the club! Lets design a ring together that is your dream wedding ring, that will compliment your engagement ring perfectly.



Whether it's an 18th, 21st, 30th, 50th or a special anniversary, if you'd like to get something unique made to celebrate a special milestone, lets chat. There are so many options to go for with all sorts of different budgets. You have the option to choose from birthstones, favourite colours, significant numbers, meaningful quotes amongst so many other beautiful and thoughtful gestures.