Chelsea - Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Chelsea - Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Chelsea is one very lovely lady who is about to marry the love of her life. She approached me about making a wedding ring to suit her diamond encrusted engagement ring and of course I was more than excited!

We spoke about what she would like and lucky for me, Chelsea didn't really have an exact idea about what she would like so we spoke about a few different options, played with the idea of leaving it completely plain with no diamonds but in the end, being the sparkle lover that she is, we decided diamonds are the way to go!

I made her wedding ring with the slightest little groove in it so that it would fit perfectly up against her engagement ring with no dorky gaps, but left it subtle enough so that if she wants to wear the wedding ring by itself, that it still totally an option.

I set the diamonds the same style of setting that the engagement ring had, split claws, so that the rings look like they came as a pair.

Chelsea and her lovely man were married in September 2017, in a double wedding with her sister and her now husband! 


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