Hello, I am Michelle!

I am a qualified Manufacturing Jeweller & Gemmologist in Adelaide, South Australia, who is totally addicted to making sparkly things. I have an amazing Husband named Kieren, two beautiful daughters named Violet & Lacey, the best pooch in the world named Lumos, along with two little birdies named Gordon and Stewie. Our house is always noisy, sunny and chaotic and it's just the way we like it!

My passion began when I was in High School and worked in a bead store part time for a few years. I absolutely loved creating jewellery for the store, friends and family and occasionally for myself. Jump forward a few months, and all of a sudden year 12 was done and dusted. One week after that, I began my four year apprenticeship in Jewellery Manufacturing - I just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

During the four years of my apprenticeship, I also decided to study Gemmology. This was absolutely a turning point for me. I couldn’t understand why there were so many different amazing gemstones out there and only a select few were used in jewellery stores and recognised by the general public. (I still can't understand this!)

Some of my favourites are OpalsTourmalines, Spinels, Garnets and Sapphires. So many people I have spoken to have never heard of Tourmalines or Spinels, so please check them out and familiarise yourself with them, as they are amazing and should have a just as much recognition as any other beautiful stone..!

After my apprenticeship, I (was lucky enough to) scored an amazing job doing contract work with my most recent boss who semi-retired after turning 70. My three and a half years with him were incredible and absolutely priceless. I learnt how to manufacture using traditional manufacturing methods he himself learnt when he was back in England. Those few years have taken me to where I am today, running my own business, Bluebell Design.

Bluebell Design has been a rollercoaster, but I love it! In May of 2017, I made the decision (with the kick of my boss semi-retiring) to go it alone. By alone, I definitely do not mean alone. I have an amazing support network around me; my Husband Kieren, who keeps me sane and supports all of my crazy ideas, along with my creative, like-minded friends who I constantly bounce ideas back and fourth with and a super supportive family who brag way too often - which I'm totally okay with..! I also have my network of amazing suppliers, most who I now call personal friends but most of all, my seriously cool clients that I get to work with, who are just incredible and support everything I stand for and create.

I am forever grateful to all of these people, as Bluebell Design would not exist if it wasn’t for every single person behind and in front of the scenes who make it happen.Thank you for your trust and support. I hope to keep filling up fingers and bodies with beautiful sparkly creations, all over the world!

Thank you so so so much!


Michelle x

Please let me know what you would love to have made