Hand picked beautiful and unique natural Garnets set into South Australian made custom jewellery by Michelle Kennedy, Bluebell Design.


HARDNESS: 6.5 – 7.5

LOCATION: Russia, Brazil, Thailand, Africa, Kenya, Tanzania

BIRTHSTONE MONTH: January & 2nd Anniversary

COLOURS: All colours


  • The most commonly known Garnet is Almandine, which is a dark reddish brown colour coloured by Iron
  • Pyrope Garnet is another Red type of Garnet coloured by Magrnesium that shows a beautiful deep red flash
  • Rhodolite is a beautiful pinky/purple/reddish Garnet coloured by a combination of the Pyrope & Almandine Garnets – Magnesium and Iron
  • Tsavorite Garnet is a beautiful bright green colour caused by trace amounts of the elements Chromium and Vanadium.
  • Demantoid is a variety of the Andradite Garnet and is also a green but more of a yellowy-green. Demantoid Garnets from Russia show ‘horse-tail’ inclusions, which quite literally look like a little burst of hair within the stone, very similar to a Dandelion flower. When a Demantoid Garnet shows this inclusion, the value of the stone increases significantly
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