Dawn - Opalised Shell

The lovely Dawn has been travelling all around Australia and was lucky enough to stumble across my personal favourite store in Coober Pedy - Miners Direct. There she was shown all sorts of incredible Opals but ended up taking with her some particularly rare and unusual Opals.

These two Opals are both Opalised shells. You can see the shape and structure and lines that all form the shape of a shell. Just incredible. It is amazing to come across shells with such colour like these, but to actually have a matching pair of them is almost unheard of.

Dawn and I had many chats over email as she had since moved on to her next destination, about how she would like the Opals to be set. After many emails back and fourth, we decided they would look stunning in White Gold, as subtle drops, with a plain design so that the main focus would remain on the actual Opals.