Emma & Her Emeralds

Emma first approached me with two very special Emeralds and wanted to make them one....
"The pear-shaped emerald ring was a gift from my parents for getting into uni, 25 years ago.
The oval ring was my Nana's - my favourite person in the world, who passed away a year later."
So as you can imagine, this ring was going to be one very, very sentimental ring. We spoke back and fourth over emails for months, throwing around different ideas...Emma loved the suggestion of using black Diamonds to contrast with the Emeralds, and in the end, Emma came up with her own design which turned out to be absolutely incredible.
Emma was an absolute pleasure to work with, and thankfully for me, the feeling was mutual as here is some feedback she was kind enough to leave me on my Facebook page...
"I can't recommend Michelle highly enough.

She really took the time to listen to the sentimental significance of my stones and incorporated my ideas and personality into the design.

Thank you Michelle, the end result was even more beautiful than I could have imagined x"