Robby & Laura

Robby & Laura

Robby and Laura are one of the most beautiful couples I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Both so young and so in love.

Robby is from Germany and Laura from England, they met in Australia and they fell in love, not only with each other but also with Australia. Their story is just beautiful and they way they tell it, bouncing off of each other, is even more beautiful.

They decided to do everything backwards, in the way that they had their wedding rings made first, then decided to get married here in Australia. In a few years time, Robby has decided he will then purchase and engagement ring, and perhaps have a second wedding back over in Europe. In this day and age though - why not! 

We spoke about all sorts of different styles of wedding rings but from day one, we were all on the same page about the fact that they both wanted something floral. Lots of different types of florals were discussed but we had a chat and I suggested that if they're going to get their rings handmade, they might as well be specific. So, Robby did some research and decided on some flowers that really meant something to their relationship and we went with that.

Laura had one diamond and two lovely little Australian Sapphires set into her wedding ring along with the beautiful flowers Robby had chosen, while Robby ended up with alternating hand pierced and engraved leaves on his wedding ring.

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