Sam & Lauren

Sam and I went to school together...we hadn't actually seen each other in years, when all of a sudden I received the most beautiful email, asking me to make Laurens engagement ring! (of course I said yes...!!!)
Sam designed Laurens entire ring, with beautiful Australian Blue Sapphires set into the side of the ring, as a little personal touch...along with the date they started officially dating, engraved on the inside of the ring.
Sam proposed to Lauren while they were holidaying in Tasmania. I asked Sam if he would please send me through a small write up of their love story, so here's what he had to say!!
Lauren and I first met technically whilst I was working at bakers delight in Burnside after she ordered a chocolate croissant from me on a lunch break from Esprit. However it was ~2 years later in 2014 our worlds collided again at a mutual friend's birthday, which I may have already sussed her out from the guest list on Facebook, and game of thrones was pretty new and big back then so I was pretty keen to talk to Lauren who is very much an 'Ygritte' doppleganger haha. Since then we have been together for 4.5 years, gone on many trips, have 2 dogs and a house and I decided that I wanted to take the next leap and propose. I did it in Tasmania on July 2nd (our joint birthday) in the beautiful Cradle Mountain National Park. After hiking some great tracks we walked up one final trail called Wombat peak ending with some elevated views overlooking a few lakes in the park. It was there that I got down on one knee, and asked her to be my wife. She said yes, and despite having slightly swollen fingers due to the cold weather and a warm core temperature from hiking the ring now sits proudly and perfectly on her finger. We then had a nice dinner by an open fireplace at one of the lodges in the park, and then one final surprise was that I had organised for flower petals to be scattered around the room with a bottle of complimentary champagne provided to celebrate - I am glad she said yes, otherwise our return would have been substantially more awkward haha.
The ring is truly amazing too Michelle, Lauren was so happy with it which is both a huge relief but also no surprise, and the amount of comments and compliments is a real testament to your skill. 
Thanks again for everything,
Feeling the loveeeeee! Congratulations again Sam & Lauren!!! <3