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Bluebell Design

Alexandrite Cluster

Alexandrite Cluster

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This unique handmade Alexandrite Cluster Ring is handmade from 9ct rose gold and features six natural Alexandrite stones that change colour. 

I have tried my best to show how the gemstones change colour depending on the lighting, as you will see in the photos, there are a couple with very orange/yellow lighting, these have been unedited to try and show the colour change although the camera struggled to pick it up...!

In natural daylight, it's a bright beautiful green, then in warm indoor lighting/incandescent light, they turn more of a cherry purple/blue/red/brown (I know that sounds ridiculous but the colour change is slightly different for every single little gem!)

This is SUCH a cool ring and awesome way to showcase such a beautiful and unique gemstone. Alexandrite is just so cool!

All handmade in 9ct Rose Gold.

Size M (AUS) 6.5 (US) 52.5


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