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Bluebell Design

Electric Lights

Electric Lights

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This stunning tiny natural Australian Boulder Opal is seriously bright! This is the kind of Opal that makes me question everything about Mother can something from the ground, a rock of all things, be THIS ELECTRIC IN COLOUR!! It is just ridiculously bright. In most light, it honest looks electric green, you have to move it around to actually find the dull spot in it, but when it is just sitting on your finger, it looks bright green without having to find the flash - it is so cool! 

There is also a bit of surface reaching boulder/iron stone, meaning the whole face isn't totally colour, there is a bit of rock visible on the top but it really works with the stone in my opinion.

Handmade into a 9ct Rose Gold bezel set ring.

Size M1/2 (AUS)

Size 6.5 (US) 53

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