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Bluebell Design

Luminescent Seas

Luminescent Seas

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A very unique Opal! This one has a grey base/undertone with waves of greens and blues going through the Opal. The more you move it around in the light, the more variation in colours you'll see. Right on one of the edges you'll even see the smallest flash of orange, which is why I set it claw set and not bezel, so you can see every colour it has, from every angle! So unique.

I've tried to take photos in multiple different lighting to give the most realistic idea of what to expect, as you can see it changes quite drastically depending on the light, which just makes it so much more interesting! All photos are completely unedited with no filters.

Size P (AUS)
Size 7.75 (US)
Solid 9ct Yellow Gold
Claw set
Natural Australian Opal
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