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Rainbow Goddess

Rainbow Goddess

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This is the most epic rainbow beauty I have laid my eyes on so far and is a real struggle to not keep for myself..! As soon as I saw the Opal, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. It has the most amazing GLITTERY pattern the entire way through the gem, and gives the illusion that it is a bottomless pit of rainbow glitter. It is absolutely next level. The Opal itself still has some host sandstone attached down either side of the actual Opal itself, which I love, as it's a friendly reminder that it is a completely natural stone.

The Opal has every single colour of the rainbow, so I felt the need to accentuate that fact, by setting it next to a stunning ombre of rainbow natural Sapphires. Yes, that's right, the Opal is completely natural, and so is every single one of the Sapphires. Totally unheated and untreated, every single colour as it was found from the ground. Just amazing. 

Solid natural Australian Opal & natural rainbow Sapphires all handmade and claw set into a 9ct Yellow Gold ring.

Opal measures approx. 15.6mm x 10.2mm and weighs approx. 4.65ct.

8 x Sapphires range from approx. 2.4mm - 3mm round 

Opal sits approx. 7mm off finger

Size M1/2 (AUS) 6.5/53


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